Every wall in your home has its own unique character and appeal. While a preframed decorative mirror might look beautiful in your entryway, that same piece could work against the space and colors of your family room. Follow these five simple tips to learn which type of wall decor will be right for the different walls in your home.

Tip #1 – The size of the wall matters. Ever notice when people put tiny frames on a huge wall or huge paintings on a tiny wall? Not only does it look awkward, but it’s not a good use of the space. If you have a small piece of wall décor that you absolutely have to use on a large wall, try clustering the wall décor with other pieces. As for big pieces of wall décor on small walls – just don’t do it.

Tip #2 – Vibrant or calm wall décor? A calm wall calls for a vibrant piece of wall décor, while a vibrant wall should be decorated with something calm. For example, a red wall doesn’t need a large, abstract art piece of wall décor. Instead, a red wall would look great with a set of simple beige antique plates. It’s the beige wall that needs the vibrant wall décor.

Tip #3 – Open up your space. Few windows, dark paint colors, or just plain small rooms can cause a room to feel cluttered quickly. If you want to open up your space by making it feel brighter or larger than it is, decorate with neutral-colored paintings, wall candle sconces, or even a beveled mirror to brighten up the room. The other important guideline for opening up a room is to take the minimalist approach. Go light on wall décor and furniture in a small or dark room.

Tip #4 – Wall décor for a wall that runs from room to room. Wall décor for a wall that extends through more than one room can be treated like more than one wall. For instance, if your kitchen, dining room, and family room all share one long wall, then don’t focus too intently on keeping a consistent motif along the entire wall. It’s more important to complement colors and styles within the general proximity. However, don’t overdo your wall décor on a wall like this. Try a few things out and see how it looks, but don’t feel obligated to fill a large wall with many pieces.

Tip #5 – If the décor doesn’t match the wall, make the wall match the décor. Sometimes a piece of wall décor just won’t work with a particular wall, no matter how much you want it to. We all know how difficult it is to find a piece of wall décor that you truly love, so don’t give up on the décor. Instead, the solution lies in changing the wall. Paint the wall a neutral color, add lighting to the room to highlight the décor, or even place the wall décor on a shelf or pedestal instead. Palm Beach Home Decor Store carries a large variety of wall décor for the home or office. Visit our Décor Showcase to find wall décor that accentuates your lifestyle