You want to set up in your spacious home a country kitchen? Since you have done something. American, Scandinavian, English, Italian, French – has to be decided on a style! Costs can save by making the porous concrete.

With much effort and attention to detail has to be a country kitchen set . The country kitchen, it is large and spacious, a second living room, and guests can be in the family. At the latest when the decorating country kitchen , you will risk not in the wealth of detail to lose the classic country kitchen make up.

There are also modern offshoot of the open-plan kitchen, which the virtues of the island table and the open dining area maintained. The surfaces look very different if you have a modern country kitchen want to set up.

Every detail: the country kitchen decorating
Have you no fear of modern equipment . Most cottage kitchens have at least two colors . With the bright white and cool silver metal electronic household appliances you can really a classic country kitchen set, too.

If you want more classic flair, you can, for example, the refrigerator, screens now. The microwave can a country kitchen in the style of your niche framed in place, et voila, the modern equipment fits perfectly into the overall picture.